Section I. The duties of the officers of the Association shall be those usually appertaining to their respective offices.

Section II. The president shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Association. The president shall preside at all meeting of the Association and of the governing board, and shall deliver an address at the regular meeting.

Section III. In the absence of the president, the president-elect shall discharge the duties prescribed for the president.

Section IV. The executive secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings and under the supervision of the governing board conduct the business of the Association. The executive secretary shall cause all members to be notified in writing or by e-mail of each meeting of the Association. The executive secretary shall be responsible for the operation of the Association and make all the necessary arrangements for its meetings.

Section V. the executive secretary shall collect all dues and subscriptions and keep the accounts of the Association.

Section VI. The governing board shall be the executive committee and shall have charge and control of the property of the Association. They shall constitute an auditing and financing committee for the annual examinations of the book records and accounts. The official address of the Association will be the business address of the executive secretary.